Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Boy!

Today we celebrated Valentine's Day in our classroom. During centers, the kids had to write "I love ______." and choose someone in their family.

Autum's journal entry: I love my dog.
As she was telling another student about her picture, she said, "This is my doggy, and it's a boy." while adding a lump of privates between his legs!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


RJ: Pointing to a project I had out with a chickadee on it: "Look, it's a dee-dee bird!"
Me: "What, honey?"
RJ: "It's a dee-dee bird. You know, the one 'at says, "dee-dee-dee-dee.""

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thursdays we have grade-level meetings before the kids get to school. As I was leaving another kindergarten classroom, a student from a different class asked me why I was in there. I told her I had a meeting. One of her friends asked her what a meeting is, and she replied,
"Meetings is when they have conversations with other big grown-ups."
It made my morning!

Haley the Hair Cutter

Me: "Haley, what is that on the floor by your desk?!"
Haley: No response.
Me: "How did this hair get on the floor?"
Haley: "I sink my hair throwed up."
Me: "I don't think your hair threw up. What really happened?"
Haley: Runs hands through knotty hair, "I cut my hair on accident."

Keep in mind this was the 2nd time in the week she had chopped off her hair. This time it was a good 5 inches long and an inch wide. Not funny in the moment but a precious quote nonetheless!